About Dave and Associates

We, at Dave and Associates, strive to provide extensive legal solutions covering a vast area of law. Being a full-service law firm, we have a diverse clientele from different parts of the Country. Our standing pillar of strength – Mr. Kulin Dave , who founded the Firm in his twenties, guide us on our path of finding the best possible legal solutions for you. Backed by our highly equipped and extremely hardworking research team, we ensure to deliver you copacetic services.

We are a team of skilled lawyers dedicated to smart, aggressive and strategic advocacy. Our practice areas include corporate advisory, mergers & acquisitions, real estate, bankruptcy & insolvency, banking & insurance, arbitration & civil litigation, & criminal litigation among many others. Our team is well-versed with the modern concepts of law and technologies that helps us to contrive better solutions for you. Our lawyers are highly tactful in untangling the twisted and extremely challenging cases by combining their patience, perseverance and intelligence together. We live by the Principle of “Excellence and Integrity in Service” which inspires us to be thorough with our work and leave no stone unturned in assisting our clients with our knowledge and expertise. Our endeavors have paid off really well in the past few years and we look forward to being better and better with each passing day.

Dave and Advocates are headquartered in Mumbai with our presence across the Country. Since we have a diverse range of clients, we adopt a quality approach that is conducive to cost-effective solutions which is favorable to clients belonging to any strata of society without having to compromise with their expectations. Our prime focus is always on maintaining a high standard of the legal profession and extracting a pragmatic solution for those who confide in us. So far, we have been successful in gaining a reputable position in the eyes of all our clients in the Country.

We take immense pride in providing our professional services to our clients and working tirelessly to meet their expectations. Our motto is “The Best Way is The Way Through” and we are seldom afraid of diving deep into the problems to take out the personalized and best suited solutions for our clients.

Why Choose Us

Honest, Expert Lawyers

Our team is focused on finding commercial solutions to legal problems. They understand the industries and sectors in which they operate and apply years of experience in advising all their clients. It is of little wonder to all our clients that Dave and Associates lawyers from among the best and brightest in the field. We provide to all, a mentally stimulating environment within which to hone their skills.

Modern Legal Care

We understand our client’s business and its legal implications across diverse sectors and jurisdictions and to help them navigate through the complex Indian legal system. Dave and Associates are known for their adeptness to identify and mitigate risk for their clients by providing them with top-notch legal solutions.


We love what we do, and that is why the success is ours. Every case that we have won is a tale of constant adaptation, revision and dedication. And this would not have been possible without our clients, who have never failed to reaffirm their faith in us and constantly help us think for out of the box solutions.

Our Philosophy

The Law Comes First

Modern society needs Law. Laws sets out appropriate behavior, and we at Dave and Associates, believe that every being needs to follow this system of rules, in order to keep everything balanced and stabilized. Without the fulfillment of these desired tasks, man simply will become equal to animals – or worse still, allow their darker sides to emerge and control their lives.

Honest Communication

Honest and open communication is the only street that leads us into the real world, and once we are on this road, your satisfaction will not be far away. We let go of making assumptions. It is important for us to understand where you are really coming from before we start to help you out. Our team creatively  onsiders different options, ideas, strategies, and courses of action, and comes up with many different ways to look at a problem.

Committed to Excellence

We achieve excellence not because of one big thing we do right, but because of many small things we do well day in and day out. Good leaders pave their way to excellence by setting and achieving goals and we improve our effectiveness as a team, set goals for our clients and our firm. To stay focused, we define milestones that we can celebrate on our way to achieving our goals.

“Truth never damages a cause that is just.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

Our Partners

Kulin Dave

Managing Partner/Co-Founder

Mr Suhel

Partner and Regional Head – Delhi NCR

Shop No. 12, Vishwakarma Phase II,
Vidya Mandir Marg, Opp. Green House Hotel,
100ft road, Vasai (W), Mumbai 401202

Email : Info@daveassociate.com

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